2019/20 academic session

  • CMP204 Dynamic Web Development (module leader)
  • CMP308 Professional Project Planning and Prototyping (co-deliverer, computing programme specialist)
  • CMP311 Professional Project Development and Delivery (co-deliverer, computing programme specialist)
  • CMP416 Digital Forensics 2 (module leader, mobile forensics specialist)
  • ELE005 Defense Against the Dark Arts (co-deliverer)

Previous modules taught

CMP319 Ethical Hacking 2, CMP401 Honours Project Scoping and Proposal, CMP412 Mobile Forensics, CMP414 Web Futures.

Previous modules taught (2009-2015)

Modules taught as a co-deliverer: Data Design and Organisation, Information Architecture, Object Oriented Programming 2 – Java, Practical Session 2, Database and Internet Application Design.

Modules taught as a teaching assistant, or a part-time/visiting lecturer: Computer Hardware Architecture and Operating Systems, Advanced Web Scripting, Web Standards, Professional Practice, Database Fundamentals, XML and the Mobile Internet.